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how about a tool to find websites?

david, 12.07.2012, 10:43
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Update my Credit Card exp date to Pay you monthly

The provided form via BASW "Account Info" to update my Credit Card payment information does not seem to actually change the information??? And then why is it so hard to find how to ask "Support" for help?? I did not want to ask on the Forum....
Larry W., 21.01.2013, 07:47
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Two of the videos stops and go, sound off and on

Videos Diligence #1 & #2 there were a problem, the videos sound goes on and off.
Willie Rounds, 12.09.2012, 16:59
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Change my password, but the function does not work.

When I try to change my password, I am told, incorrectly, that my original password is incorrect.
Dave, 07.11.2012, 08:12
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How do I contact you to cancel membership?

There is no way of contacting you on http://www.buyingandsellingwebsites.com/ and, short of having the bank stop the credit card, there is no way I can opt out.
Mark Hunter, 03.02.2014, 23:24